Energy Management

What is Energy Management?

Are you looking for an exciting, well-paying career? Do you want to save people and businesses money? Do you want to help protect the environment? Do you want to have a career that can’t be outsourced? Do you like working with your hands and your mind to solve problems? Energy Management may be the field for you! An energy management degree may lead you to a job as a(n)…

  • Energy Auditor
  • Facility Manager
  • Control System Specialist
  • Energy Program Coordinator

What do Energy Managers do?

Energy managers use their skills to improve energy efficiency in commercial and residential spaces. They measure energy use in building systems with the goal of evaluating and recommending energy solutions that will result in greater efficiency, energy cost savings, and lower environmental impact.

The study of Energy Management combines subjects such as algebra, physics, engineering, architecture, and construction with environmental sustainability and economics.

Why does energy need to be managed?

Energy management is like money management; it means doing more with less. Energy costs money, so when we save energy, we also save money. This is essential for businesses and the individuals that depend on the goods and services provided by those businesses.

There is also a larger picture. The role energy plays in our economy, security, environment, and health has never been more critical than it is today. Given the escalation of energy costs, the risk associated with foreign oil, and the impact of fossil fuels on our environment and health, energy management and the use of renewable energy are critical to building a sustainable future.


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