Radius Systems LLC Presentation

img_8496 Building Automation System (BAS) students at the Terry campus were treated with a presentation on the history and future of building automation from the owner of Radius Systems, Mr. Mike Helm.  He visited us for two hours on Wednesday talking with the students about how the career field grew into what it today and also where it is heading.  The presentation was very informative and was enjoyed by the students.  They also had an opportunity to ask Mr. Helm questions pertaining to the career field and the future job market in BAS.  We look forward to seeing Mr. Helm again some time down the road!



WEEC Expo Sep 2016

Last month we attended the World Energy Engineexpo4ering Congress (WEEC) Expo in our nations capital, Washington DC!  The Expo highlighted products and innovations from across the Energy field.  We met some very knowledgeable and friendly professionals from across the country.  Some of the demonstrations ranged from super insulated water tanks to new lighting expo3applications to conserve energy.  The students had a chance to interact and network with other Energy professionals, some right out of college.  We had a great time and can’t wait for our next trip! expo1

Energy Providers Must Engage Millennials Today Or Risk Losing Them As Customers


Conventional wisdom might suggest there’s no need for energy providers to rush to embrace millennials as a priority demographic. After all, many of them live with their parents who largely pay for the new products and services their household adopts.

However, energy utilities need to take action now to capitalize on millennials who are already flying the nest and becoming energy customers.

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The Paris Climate Conference: Keeping it Below 2 Degrees or Bust?

Image Credit: Nicki Dugan Pogue/Flickr

Check out ScienceAlert.com’s explanation of the Paris Climate deal, “Here’s what you need to know about the new Paris climate deal — this is how 195 countries have agreed to tackle climate change.”

Over the past two weeks, leaders and delegates from 195 world nations have been formulating a global agreement on the reduction of climate change at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. They’ve now reached this agreement, and governments are expected to follow through with their various commitments to make it happen. [Read more]

First 100% Electric 18-Wheeler Truck is in Germany

First 100% Electric Big Rig

First 100% Electric Big Rig

Climate Progress: This 100 Percent Electric Eighteen-Wheeler Just Hit The Road In Germany

BMW and the SCHERM group have collaborated to develop an electric version of a big rig truck by the company Terberg. The 40-ton truck has a range of about 62 miles per charge, and that charge takes three to four hours to complete.

“It’s CO2-free, quiet and generates almost no fine particle pollution. Compared to a diesel engine truck, the electric truck will save 11.8 tons of CO2 annually.” – BMW Group Press Release